Psyclinic Webster

I have been a patient for about 10 months and have never missed an appt. Yesterday, i received a voicemail which said to call to confirm my appt.

if I will not be able to make it. Then, the girl says, if not, we'll see you tomorrow at 4:00. So, when I showed up at 3:55, I was told they gave away my appt. because I didn't call.

I told the receptionist that my voicemail said that if I wasn't cancelling, you'd see me today at 4:00. The receptionist had the gall to say, "No, that's not what it said." -- in essence calling me a liar or ***. I played the staff my voicemail. She continued to patronize me and tell me mot to "yell." I was no where near yelling, and I told her that.

Her red herring did not deter my insistance on speaking to am office manager or supervisor. Finally, she said, "Ok, we'll see what we can work out." I would NOT recommend this facility especially with all the quality physicians out there who have competent and courteous staff unlike these yo yos!

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